Sunday, 25 March 2012

My vertiginous garden!

Here are a few photos to show how I've had to adapt to gardening on a steep slope. Its more than a slope, its an old sea cliff with exposed rock faces and very little depth of soil. 

Garlic and broad beans amongst the wallflowers and fruit bush cuttings.

 Leeks still growing on one of the terraces amongst the ash trees.

Part of the exposed rock face - its much more than just a "rockery"!

This is just for fun - a seat made from half a boat, with an old wash tub, the tree house and lookout deck beyond.......
...............and a swing amongst the daffodils

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Gertrud Franck style veg plot

Gertrud Franck devised a system of companion planting; basically rows of spinach at 50cm intervals intersown with rows of  vegetables. The aim is to use the spinach rows as mulch and paths. I've had her book "Companion Planting" for many years and have dabbled with it at various times. This year I'm trying it again!
I've cleared a small piece of ground that was part of the summer chicken run - it was rough grass and has never been used for veggies before,
Using bean sticks as row markers, I measured out 7 rows, each approximately 8 feet long and  15" or 50 cms apart and sowed spinach seed alongside each row.
The first section has been planted with 2 rows of garlic cloves with a row of carrot seed in between in the hope that the garlic will deter the carrot flies.
The second section is a bit ad lib - but will be a row of broad beans (at present in modules in the greenhouse.
Since I had a pot of rocket seedlings I have planted these there temporarily,
The 3rd section is also temporary - with some oriental mustard from the greenhouse.
Across the ends of these rows I have transplanted some flat leaf parsley, just to mark the bits I mustn't walk on!

Thursday, 8 March 2012