Friday, 24 August 2012

Black Krim - the taste test!

 Never having grown a black tomato I was unsure about when to pick it. There was a little give in it when I gave it a squeeze so off it came. It has a very short stalk so detaching it was difficult, but I won!
Weighed in at 5 ounces - I only do old measurements.
 It has a very deep dimple in its bottom!

Gloriously dark and juicy -and incredibly sweet - as if it had been dusted with sugar.
Not many seeds but I managed to extract some and they are now fermenting, prior to saving them for   next year.
A last view before lunch!

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Black Krim Tomato

This is Black Krim. Very distinctive marking even when small.
Has a tendency to fork all over the place and become quite sprawling. Fruits have a dimple in their bottoms!
No sign of ripening yet.

Salt Spring Surprise Tomato

Salt Spring Surprise.
A bit on the dry side to eat and not very flavourful. Perhaps because of the lack of sun. It was the first in the greenhouse to ripen, but it has the sunniest position!

 This one weighed 6 ounces.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Some photos of the largest greenhouse

 Mainly squashes and courgettes, including Jap, Potimarron, Trombe d'Albergo and Atela, sweet potatoes, oca and various seedlings. Also some experiments at growing galangal, turmeric and eddoes - no sign of life with these yet.
 A back wall of tomatoes: some growing through the  top window, other trained horizontally along the right hand side.
Gold medal,
Gardener's delight,
Christel's Plum,
Orange Favourite,
Purple Ukraine,
Salt Spring Surprise,
Cuor di Bue,
French Black
Costoluto Fiorentino
More tomatoes, all grown from the armpits of those at the back. Some squashes including 3 Babat plants. A tub of potatoes and a pot of Achocha. Two Minimunch cucumbers hidden amongst the armpits!

The tomatoes have been slow to set. Finally they seem to be developing but are still green, very green! Here's hoping for a late warm spell after this dismal, wet so-called summer.

Monday, 6 August 2012

...or is this My Little Smallholding?

Time for a change of tack!! No longer Giggling in two Gardens (and a Wood) but Giggling in My Little Smallholding! It sounds so much better and strangely fulfilling to consider the 3 bits of land as an entity - a Smallholding. Since one garden has an established orchard and lots of fruit bushes and the cliff garden is better suited to small vegetable beds and pots, why try to duplicate?
The Wood becomes the foraging zone and source of logs for the winter fires.
With luck and a big kick up the rear, I'll work a bit harder making My Little Smallholding productive than I have so far with 2 gardens! I know its just a state of mind and a change of name, but if it convinces me that I have achieved my ambition of having a Smallholding (and it doesn't harm anyone along the way!) why not?
From this time forth, I am a Smallholder, albeit a very Little one - but at 5'2" its difficult to be anything else!