Thursday, 19 April 2012

The Other Garden.

I've been neglecting my Other Garden - the flatter one - and not giving it the publicity it deserves. So here are a few photos to set the scene.
 A young Conference pear in blossom with an apple tree in bud behind it. Beyond lies the old orchard - with its 70 year old apple trees that were planted for the War effort about 1940.
 The Wendy House and the sunnier greenhouse. Note the diagonally striped lawn!
Another apple tree, with a patch of flowers at its feet. Snowdrops and crocuses, followed by small and large daffodils. Now its the turn of the narcissi and the bluebells will be next. They are left to die back and are strimmed and mown later in the year.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

NP40 grows on

Here are the NP40 potato shoots today. They survived 12 days in the greenhouse without watering too!

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Half a boat is better than?

Imagine buying a fibreglass Canadian canoe? OK.
Now imagine buying a damaged canoe that has been cut in two? Who in their right minds........?
So I'm a sucker but I had a cunning plan. Stand it upright, build it into a wall and put a seat in it.

 Result, one very snug, low-maintenance garden seat for very little money from a Scrap Store.

In case you're wondering  I gave the other half to a neighbour who promptly copied me!