Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Welcome 2013

How better to welcome a New Year than with flowers? One garden has snowdrops, winter jasmine and a red rose. The other garden has primroses, wallflowers and masses of white flowers on the Viburnum tinus. The narcissi are in bud, on stems 4" tall and daffodils are poking their noses through the grass.
This year I intend to sow a pot of something every day! Its a plan - of sorts!
31st December - Togi and Blue OSU bush tomatoes
1st January - Salad Bowl lettuce and Lemon basil
2nd January - Lyon Prizetaker leeks & White Lisbon Spring onions


  1. It's exciting seeing the garden come to life, nothing happening up here just yet.

  2. Once I see spring flowers I know things are looking up!! The camellia that is normally in flower for Christmas is still in tight buds. Funny old weather!